Litchfield National Park

After Edith Falls we headed to Litchfield National Park. Litchfield, like all the national parks in the Northern Territory had lots to explore and we had to make decisions about what we would do! We were camping in the national park at Florence Falls. Florence Falls was only a short walk from our campsite, so as it was a steamy afternoon this was our first stop.

While Florence Falls was a great place to swim and the kids did in fact make the trek out to the falls, the most fun was had with the kids amusing themselves scrambling through the rocks and trying to dam up the trickling river. This really captured their attention for the afternoon.

Our ever creative Matisse also came up with a wonderful imaginary world where our blue towel represented the sky, the green towel the land and our swimming paraphernalia representing a whole array of farm animals. Thongs became pigs, sheep and cows. A drink bottle became the farmer and the goggles and noodles something else! I love it when the kids are at this type of play and they use whatever is at hand to enter their own world.

They following day we kicked the 4WD into action and went exploring off road. We ventured into ‘The Lost City’, a remarkable series of sandstone rock formations that seem to herald a lost civilisation and evoke a sense of intrigue and mystery. The kids started telling stories of prince and princesses and magical curses that foretold the destruction of the city.

An illusion of a lost civilisation!
Exploring ‘The Lost City’.
Sandstone rocks formed by thousands of years of rain and wind erosion.
Having a little rest!!

After we explored The Lost City we moved on to Wangi Falls. We arrived in time for a late lunch and a long awaited swim. Even I got in the water!! I might add I had to swim past about 19 orb spiders innocently lurching at the water’s edge. While I didn’t swim out to the falls, the others once again did!!

Heading for the falls!!
At home in the water!

Our final stop, Buley Rock Pools. We wish we had more time to explore this fun little spot but Darwin was calling. The kids had a great time jumping into the water and climbing up the little waterfall. We got some great photos of the kids mid air!!

Getting ready…
,,,and go!!
Not to be outdone!

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