Nitmiluk National Park – Edith Falls

After our beautiful visit to the gorge, we made our way to the western side of Nitmiluk National Park to Leliyn/Edith Falls. We set out early from Katherine to make sure we arrived early enough to secure a campsite. The Northern Territory have great camping facilities in their national parks, but it is on a first come, first served basis, so in the height of the dry season you are competing for sites. Luckily for us we were coming out of the peak season and into the shoulder season, so we were able to secure a ripper of a campsite. It had been a while since the kids had so much green grass on which to play, so if was lovely to see them building tent cities and playing so nicely together.

Having fun playing on the grass.

This was also when we first bought out ‘Finska’ and had our first family games afternoon. It was a little fractious if I’m honest, however there were some valuable teaching moments!!

After settling in, it was time to hit the falls. At Edith Falls you can access both the lower plunge pool and the upper pool. We decided we would swim in the lower pool first and explore the upper pool the next day. Having now visited a few waterfalls (as you will see in the coming posts there is a recurrent theme) it has become a bit of a custom for Tom and the kids to swim out to the falls. This was first instituted at Edith Falls. The kids have become so much more confident in their swimming and have loved exploring all the waterholes and pools.

Heading out to the falls.
On their return…
Feeling tired after an afternoon of swimming!

The next day we headed out to explore the upper pool. It is starting to heat up and by mid morning it is in the mid 30’s. Not the best time to be heading out on a walk but we are just not very good at getting going some mornings!!

Anyway, as we have done on a few occasions now and I am sure we will do again, we underestimate how strenuous a walk this is. While the older kids bound up effortlessly, it takes a lot of coxing to get Tobias up to the top pool. We eventually get there and we are all glad we have made the effort, including Tobias who is keen to jump into the water. It really is a beautiful part of the world!!

Amelia at the Upper Pool at Edith Falls
More rocks to climb!! Then a refreshing dip in the water!!
The Upper Pool.
Tom and the kids swam out to these falls too!!

3 thoughts on “Nitmiluk National Park – Edith Falls

  1. Hi Natalie & Tom, It is great you are having such a wonderful time, exploring the gorges and pools of the Territory. We have fond memories of swimming at Mataranka. Just make sure the gang understand that they cannot swim in all the waters up north. Otherwise the locals will snap them up.


  2. Hi Amelia,
    We visited Edith Falls when we were in NT. Florence Falls is also very pretty. The national parks are spectacular. I see that the weather is still lovely and hot.
    Keep having fun.
    Mrs. B


  3. Wow, thanks for all these updates! We have been dying to see some photos and hear about your adventures!!! The waterfalls look amazing and we are so jealous of your warm, sunny weather! Please give our love to all the kids. Us girls especially missed Natalie, Amelia and Matisse this weekend as we had our Wursthorn Girls catch up. We are so happy to see you all having such a wonderful time though! We look forward to seeing a post from Amelia or Isaac too! God bless, Annie


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