WW’s Week 4 Stats: 4/8 – 10/8

Wandering Wursthorns’ Week 4 Stats

This week we were based in Alice Springs for the most our time. We had a great time at the McDonnell Ranges Big 4 Caravan Park along with some short stays outside in Alice Springs in the West MacDonnell Ranges.

Place Start: Alice Springs, NT

Towns visited:

  • Alice Springs, NT
  • Glen Helen Lodge, White Gums, NT.

Place End: Wanngardi Caravan Park, Alice Springs, NT

Distance travelled this week: 639kms (Total 5111kms)

Fuel:⛽️ $108 (Total $1690) highest 1.59 per litre at Alice Springs

Accommodation: ⛺️ $481 (Total $1447)

Food:🍱 $336 (Total $1534)

Booze: 🍷$50 (Total $115)

Eating out: 🍽 $110 (Total $233)

Coffee: $0 (Total $23)

Medical: 🚑 None! ($45)

Experiences: $377

  • Carmel ride for the family $323
  • Royal Flying Doctors Visitors Centre $54

Misc: $131 (Total $196)

  • Caravan Battery box repair $50
  • Gas $21
  • Kmart run: Sporting equipment, kids shoes and t-shirts $60

Week’s Total: $1593

Trip’s Total: $6017 (Per week average $1504)

Oops we forgot…..

  • All good this week. 😉

Repairs and Maintenance

The hinge on the caravan battery compartment has broken. I have purchased the some materials to repair this at a later date.

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