Tjoritja – West MacDonnell Ranges

We have been busy over the last little while, but with little internet coverage we have not spent much time writing this blog, so we thought we better update our page and share some of the amazing things we have been up to.

After spending some time relaxing and regrouping in Alice Springs we headed for the West MacDonnell Ranges. One thing we have really noticed on our trip is while you think you have all the time in the world, you really don’t!! When initially planning our trip I had all these plans for our time in the MacDonnell Ranges, but unfortunately we only got the chance to explore such a small part of this amazing landscape.

The West MacDonnell National Park stretches for 161 kms to the west of Alice Springs. We were able spend time exploring Glen Helen Gorge, Redbank Gorge and Simpsons Gap, not far out of Alice itself.

We located ourselves at Glen Helen Gorge and explored from there.

The beautiful Glen Helen Gorge.

One of the kids’ favourite adventures so far is our walk into Redbank Gorge. The walk was only about 2 kms but took us about 2.5 hours to complete. The walk required lots of ‘rambling’ over rocks and time spent convincing Tobias to keep going. The walk followed the creek bed and eventually came to a waterhole. The big kids loved all the rock climbing and kept looking for the biggest rocks to scale. We were lucky to stumble across quite a few rock wallabies as we walked (or Wobblies as Tobias calls them).

The dry creek bed leading to Redbank Gorge.

Redbank Gorge
The waterhole at Redbank Gorge.
Happy Families!!

One thought on “Tjoritja – West MacDonnell Ranges

  1. Thanks for these recent updates Natalie. You write so well and the photos bring your adventures in NT alive.
    We hope you all continue to learn, explore and enjoy our big country. Stay safe.


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