WW’s Week 2 Stats: 21/7 – 27/7

Wandering Wursthorns’ Week 2 Stats

The Wandering Wursthorns have been doing a lot of wandering these past 2 weeks, particularly into areas of poor or no mobile data\phone coverage! This has meant we now have a bit to catch up on with the blog.

I have to say having time off from the “digital umbilical cord” (internet connectivity) has provided a refreshing break from digital noise of social media and email. This is a good thing and helps us all appreciate what is happening around us as we travel.

Keep an eye out for our week 2 and 3 posts over the next couple of days as we have some downtime at the Big 4 Caravan park in Alice Springs, NT!

Our stats for Week 2!!

Place Start: Wilpena Pound, South Australia

Towns visited:

  • Hawker, SA
  • Quorn, SA
  • Port Augusta, SA
  • Woomera, SA
  • Gamdumbo, SA
  • Coober Pedy, SA
  • Marla, NT
  • Erldunda Roadhouse, NT
  • King’s Canon Resort, NT

Place End: King’s Canon Resort, Watarrka National Park, NT

Distance travelled this week: 1930kms (Total 3500kms)

Fuel:⛽️ $638 (Total $1180)

Accommodation: ⛺️ $384 ($664)

Food:🍱(includes a bulk food top up at Woolworths, Pt August, SA) $337 (Total $674)

Booze: 🍷$30 (Total $30)

Eating out: 🍽 $46 ($123)

Medical: πŸš‘ None! ($45)


  • 2 Bottles of Gas $48 Pt Augusta, SA.
  • Water and Fuel Containers, Bike Lock, Toilet chemicals. $141
  • Fly nets x 6 for the Red centre and beyond! $60

Oops we forgot…..

  • All good this week. πŸ˜‰

Repairs and Maintenance

  • This week we purchased additional water and fuel containers at the Hardware shop in Coober Pedy.
  • We also had our first experience of purchasing water from a bowser at Cooper Pedy. $1 for 30 litres!
  • As we arrived at Erldundra Roadhouse on Friday evening we discovered that the auxiliary battery in the Land Cruiser was leaking and deteriorating! After a moment of panic, I made an early morning (Saturday) trip into Alice Springs, a 400km round trip, to consultant an auto sparky about possible solutions. In the end the most economical solution was to swapped the spare AGM battery I had for the caravan into the car. The auxiliary battery is extremely important as it is running our car fridge\freezer which contains lots of the meat stock we have brought up from Melbourne. PJ at Auto Sparky, Alice Springs was an outstanding honest individual who could gave me the right advice even though it ultimately did his business out of sale. What a champion!
Leaking auxiliary battery in the Land Cruiser

WW’s Week 1 Stats: 14\7 – 20\7

Wandering Wursthorns’ Week 1 Stats

Place Start: Donvale, VIC

Towns visited:

  • Culgoa, VIC
  • Lyrup, SA
  • Berri, SA
  • Monash, SA
  • Quorn, SA
  • Hawker, SA

Place End: Wilpena Pound, SA

Distance travelled: 1570kms (Total 1570kms)

Fuel:⛽️ $542

Accommodation: ⛺️ $280

Food:🍱(includes a bulk food top up at Aldi, Berri) $337

Booze: 🍷$0 (no purchases on the road yet! All alcohol consumed has come from the caravan cellar!)

Eating out: 🍽 $77

Medical: πŸš‘ $45 (threadworm treatment)

Oops we forgot…..

  • Threaded brass water fitting for caravan that allows mains water to connected. Using a few spare fittings I have managed to work around this!


  • As we pulled into Wilpena Pound I discovered the 12volt connection between the car and van had become disconnected during travel. The connector dragged along the road for some time destroying the connector. Fortunately the fuel stop at Hawker had a 12pin plug available at $39!! (I paid $20 on ebay before leaving.)

Embracing the Flinders Ranges at Wilpena Pound

Our time at Wilpena Pound has been calm and relaxing, mostly due to the fact that we have had a solid 7 days here. After a couple of consecutive driving days the kids were starting to get a little restless.

We are staying in the powered site section of the Wilpena Pound Resort Camping Area. There is a steady stream of people coming and going from this area which has provided a daily experience for the kids to find new friends to play with.

Natalie and I have also enjoyed the impromptu chats we are having with other travellers, which in many cases leads to an exchange of tips about local sites to visit or where the next cheapest fuel stop might be!

This is the first time on the trip we have set up the “outdoor space” with gazebo, tables, chairs and cooking\washing area. This is my preferred set up for cooking as you have the freedom of space of the outdoors, and even though it can a little cool, that is all part of experience of living on the road.

Outdoor setup at Wilpena Pound, Flinders Ranges
St Mary’s Peak is our daily backdrop!

There has been lots for the kids to explore here. The bikes came down from the roof racks and have been an important element of exploring the camping ground and meeting friends at neighbouring sites.

As a family we have attempted a couple of the walking trails on offer here with a mixture of success sometimes having to accept that “ok, one of us has to turn back with Matisse and Tobias!” moments. πŸ˜‰

Wilpena Station

Arkaroo Rock Hike

Around the campsite the kids have been using lots of their creativity and imaginative play skills.

Tennis and down ball have also been very popular activities on the road near our camp site.

Uno, “Go Fish” and Memory are part of the daily activities for us this week.

And we are away!

Sunday 14th July 2019 marked our day of departure for our Australian adventure. Loaded up (bikes and all) we headed out of wet and drizzly Melbourne to the Mallee town of Culgoa.

Our first night’s accomodation was a free camp in the grounds of the Kaneira Hotel As we pulled into Culgoa we were greeted by the local police officer, Annie. She very helpfully opened the gate to the pub’s grounds and proceeded to welcome us to the town.

After a brief setup we made our way to the pub’s dining area where we had some good ole’ fashion pub tucker: (a burger, parma, bowl of chips and a pizza). The kids also took up the invitation from our hosts Leigh and Marty to use the TV in the dining room as this would probably be the last time they would get to watch anything on a large screen!

The next morning the kids were very excited to meet the resident goat (named Gary), a couple of sheep, a pony (Tobias thought it was a unicorn!) a rooster called Reggie and a brood of chickens.