Pender Bay – Dampier Peninsula

When we arrived at our campsite at Pender Bay, Isaac jumped out straight away so that he wouldn’t have to help set up. Setting up took a lot longer than usual as we were using the tent and we had to get everything off the roof. While we were getting everything off the roof, Isaac came back with none other than our friends from Broome (their other sister was at the caravan).

Once everything was off the roof, and the tent was set up, Dad went to go help a lady who had been locked out of her car, leaving Matisse, Mum and I to set up the stretchers. After the stretchers had been set up, I started to wonder where Isaac and Tobias were because they had left to go with Ella, Will and their dad. Eventually they came back informing me that to get to Will’s campsite, you had to climb down the cliff, cross the beach and then climb up the cliff on the other side. When we had set up everything I went down the cliff to check out our friends’ campsite. It turned out that they had and amazing view and the sand on the beach was SUPER soft.

Later on, we all went down to the beach to enjoy the sand and sea and also to chat. Whilst we were down there, Isaac and Will were playing a game where they threw sand at each other and during which Isaac got sand in his eyes which finished that game.

The next day we headed over to our friends’ campsite where we played a game called Mexican Trains. Later on we on a super fun walk which involved climbing along rocks and walking along the sand. When we came to the final beach, all the kids except Matisse and Tobias. We all hid in the same little nook and when Matisse saw my legs I came out pretending not to know where the others were. Eventually we were all found and we went for a swim and I swam in my clothes.

That evening, we all went over to our friends’ site to watch a movie. We were joined by another girl who we met on the beach. We watched The LEGO Movie 2 while the adults ate biscuits and corn chips.

Sadly, that was our last night and so in the morning we all had to help pack up our tent. Once most of the work was done, we got to have one last play with our friends before leaving. All too soon the time came to leave and as I climbed into the car, I thought about how much I had enjoyed Pender Bay and everything in it: the soft sand, the beautiful sunset and the spectacular walks. All in all Pender Bay was probably one of my favourite places.

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