Broome – Cable Beach

When we rocked up at Broome Caravan Park one of the first things the kids did was to go check out the pool. It was HUGE, although it was all the same depth(1.4 metres). Fairly soon we had set up camp and we decided to drive to the beach for the famous Cable Beach sunset.

Cable Beach has incredibly blue waters and white sand that feels amazingly soft between your toes. When we arrived, mum took Matisse and I for a walk down to the water. At first we were all a bit hesitant because there were a lot of jellyfish in the sand but in the end we went down. Once we were down there however, we heard Isaac playing with someone and when we turned around, we realised that a friend Isaac had made at Spring Creek rest stop was there as well.

Soon we were all playing together. I was talking to Will’s older sisters, Ella and Sophie about Harry Potter. After a while we started to make a mountain which we decided to turn into a turtle. Whilst we were making the turtle, some other people we met at Spring Creek arrived. When we spotted them we called to them and they joined us. With the extra help of Eva and Marian we managed to complete the turtle before complete dark.

Cable Beach is a beautiful place. As I watched the sun set the sky became a beautiful mixture of oranges, pinks and reds with the sun creating a simply stunning centrepiece. As I watched the sun slowly set I really begun to notice how big the sun was and appreciate its beauty.

Next day, Dad took Isaac and I to go hunting for dinosaur footprints. We weren’t sure if we saw any but we had lots of fun scrambling over rocks and going right to the waters edge. When we got back, we showed the kids our photos and then went to the pool. I spent my time there perfecting my front flips in the pool and seeing how many I could do until the kids asked me to play with them and I went to go hold the noodle for them to jump over.

Later that day we went down to the beach again except this time we drove down on to the sand and along the beach. When we found a spot, Isaac and I started building our sandcastle straight away. We decided to make a kingdom with a wall surrounding it. By the time our friends arrived, we had completed half the wall and after we explained what we were doing Ella and Will came to help us but Sophie decided to work on the Villains’ Mansion. After a while Isaac and Ella went to go and help Sophie leaving only Will and I to do the city. Whilst we were building we began to argue over whose creation had the best protection. Before we had finished however, the camels came by and Will’s mum wanted to get a photo in front of them. After that everyone wanted to get photos of the sunset and we forgot about our creations. When it was time to go we said goodbye and drove back to the foreshore to go and play at the playground.

The next day was Sunday which meant that we had to go to church. After mass, we went to the markets which was something we were all looking forward to. When we arrived however we were quite disappointed as they weren’t very interesting. We went back to the camp and spent the rest of the day playing and swimming in the pool. We also met a very nice man who was camping next to us.

When I woke up next morning I was very reluctant to get out of bed because that day was pack up day until I remembered we didn’t have as much to do because we were leaving the van there and going to Pender Bay on the Dampier Peninsula to stay in the tent because it was a 4WD track and we couldn’t being in our van. When we had packed up, we all piled into the car and set off for Pender Bay.

One thought on “Broome – Cable Beach

  1. Hi guys,
    Love following your travels /adventures, what an array of stories/ memories and photos to look back on in time.
    Ah Broome, I loved it there, why was great was the sea temperature, it was though someone had the the hot tap on.

    Love your photos and written accounts.
    Safe travels


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