WW’s Week 5 Stats: 11/8 – 17/8

Wandering Wursthorns’ Week 5 Stats

Our travels this week brought us closer to Darwin this week!. We have had some wonderful free\low cost camping experiences this week, landing in an absolute gem of a place to stay, Little Roper Stock Camp, Mataranka!

Place Start: Wanngardi Caravan Park, White Gums, NT

Towns visited:

  • White Gums, Alice Springs, NT
  • Karlu Karlu / Devils Marbles Conservation Reserve, NT
  • Tennant Creek, NT
  • Little Roper Stock Camp, Mataranka, NT

Place End: Mataranka, NT

Distance travelled this week: 1209kms (Total 6320kms)

Fuel:⛽️ $480 (Total $2170) highest 1.62 per litre at Tennant Creek

Accommodation: ⛺️ $172.70 (Total $1620)

Food:🍱 $50 (Total $1584)

Booze: 🍷$65 (Total $180)

Eating out: 🍽 $0 (Total $233)

Coffee: $0 (Total $23)

Medical: 🚑 None! ($45)

Experiences: $20 (Total $397)

  • Adam Griggs Stock Whip Show $20 (stubbie holders)

Misc: $21 (Total $117)

  • Gas $21

Week’s Total: $809

Trip’s Total: $6017 (Per week average $1365)

Oops we forgot…..

  • All good this week. 😉

Repairs and Maintenance

2 thoughts on “WW’s Week 5 Stats: 11/8 – 17/8

  1. Hi Everyone!

    Lovely to see all the photos and read your news. I thought I was “following” you but I mustn’t have done it properly! All fixed now.

    We miss you all lots but it’s great to know what a wonderful time you are having.

    Love always,


  2. Thanks Tom.

    I enjoy your stats. They give you a good picture of what you can achieve and what it costs. Valuable tools for planning the next trip. I take it you are reasonably relaxed. The booze budget is relatively low, indicating not too much stress. Perhaps one of my dear old Dad’s sayings applies; “You kids will drive me to drink, except I can’t afford it.” The relaxed atmosphere of camping grounds is generally to be enjoyed. However, Darwin is the only place where we have had food stolen. Though that was in the early days of retirement, when we were camping in a tent, out of the car boot, and using the camp kitchen fridge. Still, I recommend extra caution in those northern camps. Safe and happy travelling.

    Regards, Bill Fitzpatrick



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