WW’s Week 1 Stats: 14\7 – 20\7

Wandering Wursthorns’ Week 1 Stats

Place Start: Donvale, VIC

Towns visited:

  • Culgoa, VIC
  • Lyrup, SA
  • Berri, SA
  • Monash, SA
  • Quorn, SA
  • Hawker, SA

Place End: Wilpena Pound, SA

Distance travelled: 1570kms (Total 1570kms)

Fuel:⛽️ $542

Accommodation: ⛺️ $280

Food:🍱(includes a bulk food top up at Aldi, Berri) $337

Booze: 🍷$0 (no purchases on the road yet! All alcohol consumed has come from the caravan cellar!)

Eating out: 🍽 $77

Medical: 🚑 $45 (threadworm treatment)

Oops we forgot…..

  • Threaded brass water fitting for caravan that allows mains water to connected. Using a few spare fittings I have managed to work around this!


  • As we pulled into Wilpena Pound I discovered the 12volt connection between the car and van had become disconnected during travel. The connector dragged along the road for some time destroying the connector. Fortunately the fuel stop at Hawker had a 12pin plug available at $39!! (I paid $20 on ebay before leaving.)

5 thoughts on “WW’s Week 1 Stats: 14\7 – 20\7

  1. Hi Wandering Wursthorns,
    We read your blog today at school and really enjoyed reading all about your traveling experiences so far and looking at your pictures. Robyn thinks you are doing alright with the fuel consumption.

    Safe Travels

    5/6G, Ms. Gair and Robyn


  2. Hey Adventurous Ones,

    Wow!! You have fitted in so much already. Love the photos and everyone looks like they are having a ‘hoot’ of a time – so glad to see you all, ‘Looking After One Another’!!!!!
    St James Week here – Mass and Mini Mission Fete on Thursday – I’m sure you’ll enjoy the pics in the newsletter next week….
    Thinking of all of you,
    Mrs Foster


  3. Our class (4BH) says that looks like you are already having a amazing trip. We also replied to the email that you sent. Travel safe!


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